Monday, April 13

1:00                Registration and Poster Session 1 set-up

1:30                 Welcoming Poster Session 1

3:00                 Welcome, Annemieke Kavelaars, PhD, MD Anderson Cancer Center and Ted Price, PhD, UT Dallas

Session 1: Novel Therapeutics and Targets I
Convener: TBD

3:15                 CT-044: A Reactive Species Decomposition Accelerant to Treat Pain
Scott Dax, CerSci Therapeutics

3:30                 Gene Therapy for Painful Diabetic Neuropathy
William Schmidt,
Helixmith Co., Ltd

3:45                 Development of Highly Selective A3AR Agonists for Neuropathic Pain
Daniela Salvemini,
St Louis University

4:00                 Identification of Novel Small Molecule Inhibitors with Unprecedented Selectivity for the Nav1.7 Subtype of Voltage-gated Sodium Channel
John Hunter,
SiteOne Therapeutics

4:15                 Novel Non-opioid Medication for Pain Treatment
Fernanda Laezza,
UT Medical Branch at Galveston

Session 2: New Approaches to Pain Measurement in Preclinical Models and Human Samples
Convener: TBD

4:30                 Using Persistent Homology to Predict Spontaneous Pain Behavior in Mice
Jordan McCall, Washington University

4:45                 Defining Neuronal Subpopulations in Mouse and Human Dorsal Root Ganglion
Stephanie Shiers, University of Texas at Dallas

5:00                 Transcriptional Programming of Human Mechanosensory Neuron Subtypes
Alec Nickolls,
National Institutes of Health

5:15                 Automated Measurement of reflexive and Affective Pain Using High-speed Videography, Marker-less tracking, and Computational Projections
Ishmail Abdus-Saboor,
University of Pennsylvania

5:30                 Voltage-gated Calcium Channels in Human DRG Neurons: Implications for GPCR Signaling and the AP Waveform
Jane Hartung,
University of Pittsburgh

7:00                 Networking Reception
Saint Arnold’s Brewery


Tuesday, April 14

8:00                 Breakfast and Poster Session 2 Set-up

8:30                 Opening Plenary Session, Walter Koroshetz, MD, NINDS Director

Session 3: New Advances in Mechanisms and Therapeutics Targeting Neuro-immune Interactions
Convener: TBD

9:15                 Role of T Cells in Resolution of Chemotherapy-induced Peripheral Neuropathy
Susmita Kumari,
MD Anderson Cancer Center

9:30                 TLR4, Sex Differences and other Myeloid-lineage Mysteries in Pain
Vivianne Tawfik, Stanford University

9:45                 Manipulation of DRG Macrophages in Spinal Cord Injury Pain
Megan Detloff, Drexel University

10:00               Neuroimmune Genetics of Postoperative Pain and Opioid Analgesia
Daniel Barratt, University of Adelaide, Australia

10:15               The Interconnectivity of the Nervous System and Immune System during Pain States
Michael Burton, UT Dallas

10:30               Break

Session 4: Headache and Migraine
Convener: TBD

10:45              The Role of HDAC6 and the Cytoskeleton in Chronic Migraine-associated Pain
Zechariah Bertels,
University of Illinois at Chicago

11:00               Sympathetic Regulation of CGRP Release in the Dura
Karen Clark, University of Pittsburgh

11:15               TRPC5 Contributes to Trigeminal Neuron Mechanical Sensitization and Migraine-like Behaviors
Francie Moehring, Medical College of Wisconsin

11:30               Intrathecal Activation of Peripheral Nociceptors and its Role in Migraine
Martin Rasmussen, NIH/Copenhagen University

11:45               Poster data blitz

12:00               Lunch and Poster Session 2

12:45                Presenters at posters

Session 5: Novel Chronic Pain Mechanisms
Convener: TBD

1:45                 Local Administration of anti-GNDF Antibodies Prevent the Development of Pain and Altered Cardiovascular Reflexes After Ischemic Muscle Injury
Luis Queme, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

2:00                 Mammalian Keratinocytes are Required for Normal Cold Sensation
Kate Sadler,
Medical College of Wisconsin

2:15                 Mapping Affective Pain Pathways
Qiufu Ma Dana-Farber,
Cancer Institute/Harvard Medical School

2:30                 Sex Differences in Oral Cancer Pain: Neuro-immune-cancer Communication Sex Differences in Oral Cancer Pain: Neuro-immune-cancer Communication
Nicole  Scheff, New York University

Session 6: New Insights into Brain Mechanisms of Chronic Pain
Convener: TBD

2:45                 Amygdalar Networks in Chronic Pain and Affect
Vijay Samineni, Washington University

3:00                 Neural Circuits and Therapeutics for Pain Unpleasantness
Greg Scherrer
, Stanford University

3:15                 Cell Therapy for the Treatment of CIPN
Cobi Heijnen, MD Anderson Cancer Center

3:30                 Poster data blitz 2

3:45                 Poster session 3

Session 7: Novel Therapeutic and Targets II

4:45                 Mas-related G Protein-coupled Receptor D (Mrgprd) as a Potential Therapeutic Target for Painful Diabetic Neuropathy
Dale George, Northwestern University

5:00                 RGS4 maintains chronic pain states in rodent models
Venetia Zachariou, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

5:15                 Involvement of CCKergic System on Persistent Pain and Morphine Analgesia Following Chronic Inflammation and Peripheral Nerve Injury in Mice
David Ferreira, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

5:30                 Resolution of Neuropathic Pain and Oxidative Stress via Activation of Nrf2
Peter Grace, MD Anderson Cancer Center

5:45                 Role of Omega-6 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Pain: A New Therapeutic Target
Ken Hargreaves,
UT San Antonio

6:30                 Dinner on your own

Wednesday April 16

8:00                 Breakfast

Concurrent business meeting

Session 8: Insights from Pain Transcriptomics
Convener: TBD

9:15                 Mechanisms Decreasing Opioid Sensitivity in Nociceptors After Spinal Cord Injury
Carmen Dessauer,
UT Health Science Center at Houston

9:30                 Transcriptional Regulation of Nociceptor Response Properties During the Acute Phase of Spinal Cord Injury
Kyle Baumbauer, University of Kansas Medical Center

9:45                 Skin Transcriptome Profiling Reveals Th2 Bias and Identifies TSLP as a Key Itch Mediator in Poison Ivy Contact Dermatitis
Sven-Eric Jordt,
Duke University School of Medicine

10:00               Identification of Cell-type Specific Transcriptional Differences in Male and Female Mice with the Spared-nerve Injury
Candler Paige,
UT Dallas

10:15               Break

Session 9: The Dorsal Horn – New Mechanisms and Therapeutic Opportunities

10:30               Molecular and Cellular Organization of the Macaque Dorsal Horn
Rebecca Seal,
University of Pittsburgh

10:45               Role of α7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors (nAChRs) in Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy in Mice
M. Imad Damaj,
Virginia Commonwealth University

11:00               Female-specific Mechanisms of Nociplastic Pain
Kali Hankerd,
UT Medical Branch Galveston

11:15               Cellular Basis for Morphine-induced Itch
Eileen  Nguyen University of Pittsburgh

11:30               Poster data blitz 3

11:45               Lunch and Poster Session 4

12:30               Presenters at Posters

1:30                 Wrap up and Business Meeting